"This is how you build a cash-flowing rental portfolio in this NEW economy...

"I've built a $40MM rental portfolio in under 5 years with my unique 'BRRRS Method'...

Let me show you step-by-step,

how to buy your first Cash-flowing rental property 

without using any of your own money..."

Watch this 13 minute video below to understand how and why the 'BRRRS Method' is the most efficient way to achieve financial freedom in this NEW economy...

WARNING: This may be the most important video you watch ALL year.

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“The 'BRRRS Method' is the most effective framework for building a cash-flowing rental portfolio in 2022”

  • Resulting in a 220+ Door Rental Portfolio
  • 75+ Houses Flipped Annually
  • 200+ Wholesale Houses Annually
  • ​Created by the man who built a $40MM rental portfolio in under 5 years
  • ​Backed by ACTIVE investors in today’s market
  • ​Endorsed by 1000s of students now financially free
  • ​Featured in some of the most respected publications

Dear friend,

I have bought $40,000,000 in rental properties without using a dime of my own money. I learned how to create massive wealth and created a fool-proof framework so that others can do the same thing.

I literally created this framework so you can achieve financial freedom and control your life… do what you want, when you want.

I did it, now you can too… but you will do it much quicker with much less headaches by following my unique ‘BRRRS’ Method.

Whether you want to own a few rentals or be a real estate mogul, this is for you!

The results from the BRRRS Method

are staggering.

From students who are having massive success...

What Makes The BRRRS Method So Effective...

And So Different From Every Other Investing Approach?

The 'BRRRS Method' works so effectively because it...

  • Deploys the most powerful wealth generating tool ever, real estate, to quickly generate equity and cash-flow for you.
  • Leverages other people's money (OPM) so you don’t have to put up the 20% down payment on every investment.
  • Finds you distressed/discounted properties that generate immediate equity once rehabbed.
  • ​Converts the distressed property to ‘rent-ready’ with simple, small cosmetic renovations.
  • ​Positions property to attract great tenants that pay for your wealth creation while creating fast equity.
  • ​Proves the new value of the property to banks that will offer up to 80% cash out refinancing to pay off lenders (OPM).
  • ​Leverages systems and a repeatable, proven process to build and grow a cash-flowing rental portfolio that can finally unlock financial freedom.

And the entire method is taught in depth in my brand new online course, College Of Rentals Portfolio (aka CORP Online)

What you get With your enrollment in...

College of Rentals Portfolio 

Online Academy

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The start was slow, but now I'm getting paid like crazy.

Checkout some of my recent graphs below!

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I just bought a $50,000,000 with the commissions I'm making.

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My new system works like crazy

Literally just click a few buttons and watch the profits roll in.

A Step-by-Step System for Investing in Your First (or next) Rental Income Property...

without using any of your own money.

A Step-by-Step System for Investing in Your First (or next) Rental Income Property...

without using any of your own money.

This is for people who desire financial freedom but dont know how to get started...

I took what I have learned from my own experience and what I have learned from the TOP investors in the country and created this course.

It walks you through exactly what to do and what not to do, when building your cash-flowing rental portfolio. 

I give the exact Framework I have used to buy over $40 million in rental properties without using any of my own money…

Everyone is busy doing a million things every day and has little to no free time, that’s why this is perfect for a busy person that wants to take control of their financial future. 

250+ bite-sized videos that you can watch in your limited free time and still get maximum impact! So you go from talking about creating your dream life to actually living it!

If you want to learn to be the best, from the best, at your own pace… this is for you!

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

CORP Online Academy:

Full Training Suite

250+ videos walking you through exactly how to buy cash flowing rentals WITH equity WITHOUT using any of your own money.
  • Mindset – Having the proper mindset going into investing is so important! I explain how to have a wealth producing mindset… 
  • The Power of Real Estate – Real estate is the most powerful investing tool EVER. You wont access all that power unless you have a full understanding of the concept. 
  • BRRRS Method/FasterFreedom Framework – The unique method that changed my life and my family’s life for generations to come… I set up a foundational understanding that we will grow throughout the framework.
  • Finding OFF Market Discounted Deals - 30+ ways to find amazing discounted properties.
  • ​Funding ALL your deals - Learn who to talk to and what to say to them to get all your real estate deals funded so money is never an issue and you never come out of pocket
  • Analyzing Deals to buy right every time – How to properly analyze deals so that every purchase is a winner!
  • Rehabbing Essentials – Whether you are handy or not, I will show you how to manage rehabs with ease, with a major focus on rental rehabs (they are different than fix and flips). 
  • Tenant Relations – Best practices to attract the best tenants and how to keep them for years and years!. 
  • Tax Benefits of real estate investing – I am not a tax expert but you’ll learn some of the benefits of investing in real estate!
  • ​How to SCALE – Learn how to explode your rental portfolio into a life changing investment… quickly! 
  • And more...

CORP Online Academy:

My $40MM Resource Kit

ALL the resources and tools you will need to make it happen. Literally everything you will need to grow a multi-million dollar rental portfolio. I know because I did it and these are the tools I used and continue to use.
  • BRRRS Calculator - Buying Formula, Rehab Estimator and Cash Flow Calc all in one simple proprietary tool. 
  • Core Focus Worksheet - Fill this out to narrow down your core focus so you know EXACTLY what type of deals to go after from the beginning… save time and wasted effort!
  • Action Plan Sheet - varius molestie est faucibus. Donec auctor ac lacus vel dignissim. 
  • Private Money Packet - The presentation and packet we use to raise funds and present deals to our private lender (this has raised tens of millions of dollars)
  • Mortgage Amort Workbook - Simple and easy ledger to calculate your mortgage payment with easy variable inputs to calculate cash flow
  • Sales Contract - Simple and easy contract to use to get properties under contract to purchase
  • Leases - Our exact leases and tenant documentation we use for our rental portfolio and tenants
  • ​30 Day Launch Plan - A proven, written plan with actionable steps and exact instructions to launch the first 30 days of your investing career into the stratosphere. 
  • ​ And Way MORE!

CORP Online Academy:

Our Tech Stack

Exclusive introductions to the software, tools and affiliate partners we use to grow our real estate investing business.
  • Access, discounted offerings and free trials – with all my technology partners who make all my systems flow and run smoothly. 
  • DealMachine - D4D, MLS Comps, Mailers, Texts etc.
  • PropStream - MLS Comps, List Stacking Ninjas.
  • REI Printmail  - Marketing and mailers.
  • RentRedi – streamlined, cheap property management software. 
  • Consumer Credit – Credit repair guaranteed service.
  • And you guessed it... much more!

CORP Online Academy:

Virtual/ Remote investing teachings

  • Don't want to invest in your backyard? Can't invest in your backyard? - We have an entire module dedicated to how to invest remotely!
  • Which states are best? - It DOES matter where you invest if you want to do it remotely. We cover which states to focus on and why!
  • How to make local connections? - We cover where to go and who to talk to so you are talking to the right people in a specific market that can help you as your start and grow
  • How to find the deals virtually - How to manage them or hire that out!
  • How to manage your tenants and houses virtually? - We cover how to find property management companies and what to look for to ensure you are picking the right one to manage your wealth creating assets
  • ​How to find the deals virtually? - You can find a ton of deals for free or for a small cost if you know where to go and utilize the technology we give you access to.

Video One

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Video Two

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Video Three

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What folks are saying about CORP Online

Wait, there's more!


Financial Freedom Calculator

Proprietary Tool that helps calculate rehab cost, holding cost, how much to offer on a house, cash flow down to the penny, future value, future net worth all in one… Yes this is a FasterFreedom Original Document NOT sold separately that takes you from your first analysis to how ever many rentals you need to be financially free. You pick how much you want to make a month and this will show you how many houses to but to accomplish that and analyzes every deal along the way with you!



Custom Made Investment Plan Specifically For YOU

No matter what your situation or where you want to invest we have a plan for you. Use our knowledge, custom response and AI technology to get an exact custom action plan for your exact situation. Not a one size fits all approach. Get the info and plan you need specifically for you!



Recap of everything you get with the CORP Online Academy

Value of $9,491.00

Best Value

1 Payment


Save $397!

Most Flexible

6 Payments


Just one single payment of 397 today and

5-monthly flex payments of 397.

Best Value

1 Payment


Save $394!

Most Flexible

3 Payments


Just one single payment of $797 today and 3-monthly flex payments of $797.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 DAYS to see if the CORP Online Academy is right for you. If you try it out and decide it’s not for you, just let us know and we’ll gladly give you a FULL REFUND!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the College of Rental Portfolio Online for new investors or do you need to be experienced?

This mentorship if for everyone! Whether you have done zero deals or 100 deals, this will be an invaluable tool you can use to create financial freedom through real estate. We will meet you wherever you are in your real estate investing journey and provide you with the grooved path to get you where you want to be!

How long do I have access to the College of Rental Portfolio Online assets?

When we say LIFETIME ACCESS, we mean it! The 250+ video library (and growing), all the tools (calculators, analyzers, checklists, presentations, marketing material and A LOT more)!

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

No way! This is a proven way to create wealth through real estate. The College of Rental Portfolio Online framework provides you with the resources to strategically and intelligently create cash flow machines using our proven methods. This will allow you to create generational wealth, but it takes purposeful action and accountability.

Do you offer networking and coaching opportunities?

While our College of Rental Portfolio Online framework provides you with the education, tools, and resources to successfully run a real estate business it does not have coaching or network component. When you are ready for that though, we do provide the opportunity to apply the funds from your investment into the College of Rental Portfolio Online product to our full-scale mentorship.

Do I need money to invest in real estate using the strategy that you teach?

Short answer… NO!

There are many ways to invest in real estate, but the way Sam has built his $40+ million rental portfolio was done with zero dollars out of pocket! The BRRRS Strategy will teach you how to tap into O.P.M. (other people’s money) and properly leverage debt to create limitless potential for scaling your business.

What sets the FasterFreedom apart from other educators in the real estate space?

We are one of the only education companies in this space that is ACTIVELY INVESTING in real estate using these proven methods. Our company will buy over 250 properties this year and we are engaged in the real estate market daily. When we said LIFETIME ACCESS, we really meant it! We are continuing to grow our library of resources as the real estate market turns and have our finger on the pulse so you will be ahead of the game as things evolve.

Do I need to know anything about real estate investing?

No! We have the resources and knowledge that will help someone with zero experience all the way up to someone who has done hundreds of deals. The information and systems we provide work for anyone, in any stage of real estate investing.

Will you be covering legal identities and which to use?

Yes, and we’ll discuss the different identities such as Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp.

To your success,

Sam Primm,
Sam Primm,
Founder of Faster Freedom

"Those who take action... succeed.

Those who don't... don't."

"Those who take action... succeed.

Those who don't... don't."

Copyright © 2022 FasterFreedom, LLC | All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2022 FasterFreedom, LLC 

All Rights Reserved.